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Such a great trainer! Never made me feel uncomfortable even when I was asking a million questions because I didn’t know how or what the exercises were. Stayed in contact everyday went above and beyond to make sure I was staying on track with my workouts, nutrition, and even my sleep!



Keith is the man! Totally pushed me past what I thought my limits were! Made me a better human, man, father and husband. So glad I chose to go with him! Very professional veteran trainer!


Very patient, understanding, and knowledgeable! Took time to explain things to me didn’t hesitate to get on the phone and walk or talk me through things! Has a great way of keeping you motivated even when you want to quit or feel like your not making progress. Great leader, coach, trainer and now friend!



I am Keith Lockwood a passionate coach, trainer, founder plus owner of “Body Restoration Club”. I am a United States Army Veteran. I love to guide individuals to achieve their fitness goals through their own food choices. I believe in building a solid foundation and good relationship to food so you can enjoy what you love without feeling guilty.