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" geared to all fitness levels. intensification and modifications are given throughout. Works for clients with limited equipment, just a set of dumbbells are needed. Training includes resistance training strength days and cardio HIIT days "

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" this training will be based of what we go over during a consultation. Training can be a mix of home and gym workouts. This will truly be customized to your specific situation and needs! This will be geared for all fitness levels "

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this challenge is great for all fitness levels! The basic program is based of bodyweight exercises. However, modifications can be added to make it harder using bands, dumbbells, barbells, backpacks, sandbags, weighted vests, etc. great way to get into moving more or even start a completion with friends and family.

focuses mainly on the glutes, but we will work the full body as well. Glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, core, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back. We touch on it all! With this being a very targeted program it is geared towards intermediate fitness levels. I do recommend that you have a fitness base before starting this program! Equipment used mini loop resistance bands, dumbbells, and a foam roller.